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Hi! I'm Brenda

I have been gardening for over 35 years.  My inspiration is my mother, who is over 80 years old, and still maintains magnificent planting beds with year round interest.  I was drawn to the colors, shapes and  the immediate gratification of transforming a space into a place of beauty.  Somewhere along the line, in my corporate life, a little voice started whispering -"It's time to Do what you Love".  So, I traded in my computer for a shovel and went back to school to become a Master Gardener.  I had worked professionally, in the Pittsburgh area, managing gardening crews.  Since 2018, I moved to Shrewsbury, Ma. and established Goodwill Gardening.  Now I am living in North Grafton and continue to beautify yards in Central Mass.

Goodwill Gardening is a private gardening service.  I am a 'one woman show', who takes pride in finely manicuring your landscape beds - weeding, deadheading, pruning and keeping things neat and tidy.  I specialize in the installation of color.  Planting annuals and perennials to 'pop' a landscape.  I also like introducing interest through container plantings - great for shady areas, patios, balconies and small spaces.   I fill a void in the industry where few services provide detailed, on going maintenance.  A typical maintenance agreement is for two visits a month. Additional services range from plantings, seasonal pruning, fertilization and soil amendment Let's set up an appointment and chat about your needs.

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